1. Pick up discount coupons and special offers, a current calendar of events, maps, and hundreds of brochures describing area attractions, shops, restaurants, and other businesses at any of the four offices of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

2. Bring plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF—and USE IT! Great getaways are spoiled quickly by un-savvy sun worshippers who end up badly burned on their very first day, cloudy or sunny. Sunburn HURTS and it can happen quick here.

3. There are sections of beach which are residential areas that do not have lifeguards on duty. Inexperienced swimmers or families with children should be careful to go to beaches in the business districts that are staffed by lifeguards.

4. Traveler’s checks in U.S. currency are almost universally accepted. Foreign visitors should purchase these checks in their own country for the best rate exchange.

5. Foreign currency or foreign traveler’s checks may be exchanged at most commercial banks and at the Myrtle Beach International Airport with proper identification.

6. Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) are readily accessible along the Grand Strand. Emergency cash may be obtained from many commercial banks through use of a major credit or charge card on which the cardholder has cash advance privileges. Advance arrangements with your home bank can enable you to receive funds by wire transfer, usually within the same day for U.S. travelers and within 24 hours for Canadians. Western Union fund transfers are available, but be sure to verify whether the office can intercede at a local bank if Western Union remits the funds by check rather than cash.

7. Keep identification and current health insurance cards with you at all times during your stay. Should you need emergency help for any reason, this will greatly speed paperwork and processing.

8. Local taxi agencies and businesses participate in SOBER RIDE, a year-round program to reduce drunk driving. Call 843 448-6933, after 6 p.m., if you need safe transport.

9. Allow extra time when using U.S. Highway 501 and S.C. Highway 544 during inclement weather or rush hours.

10. Take advantage of lower golf rates during the summer vacation season.