First and most importantly, we would like to thank those who stayed with us in 2016. We were occupied for 296 nights over the year for an occupancy rate of 81%. This was a significant increase over 2015 when we had a 60% occupancy rate. With the exception of 4 weeks, we are fully booked until the end of August 2017 at the writing of this newsletter in December 2016. All of these facts speak volumes about the condo and our continuing efforts to provide a great place to stay just outside of the busy City of Myrtle Beach.

While we will not be increasing and rates in 2017, the accomodations tax will increase 1% to 12% effective April 1, 2017. This was a ballot measure to help pay for road improvements in the area, projects that will ultimately help everyone who visits and lives here.

During the winter of 2016 it was necessary to replace the complete HVAC system in the condo. We are pleased with the results of the new unit, finding it to help hold the temperatures where our guests like to keep them in an efficient manner.

Construction on Glenns Bay Road and 17 bypass continues. Over the last year there were no adverse impacts on the condo. Traffic seems to flow better around the condo area now that the 17 Bypass intersection has been moved furtehr west.

In 2016 we experienced the first hurricane this area has had in quite a while. Inland areas took it a lot worse than we did at the shore. There was a lot of beach erosion, the Surfside Pier was damaged and the Springmaid Pier was distroyed. A lot of trees were uprooted and there was minor damage to some buildings. The condo faired well, with some missing siding and a 11 hour power outage. We were occupied at the time and our guests rode the storm out well (arriving the day of the storm). This event taught us a few things and we have reflected those items in our rental agreement, allowing either us or the guest to cancel a reservation without penalty whenever the Governor orders any evacuation in the area.

You now have the ability to complete your booking 100% online without the need for returning paperwork to us. now hosts our reservations system and you can use the link on our reservations page to book your stay, or you can use the old method of contacting us directly as well. Booking online locks your dates in immediately and takes care of the payments. does charge a convenience fee for the use of their service.

Please check back from time to time for further updates on this page.

2017 Condo Newsletter