From Interstate I-95 take exit 181A Rt. 38 East.

Take Rt. 38 East towards Myrtle Beach from I-95 (you now about 1 hour 10 minutes left in your trip with any luck)

Rt. 38 East will merge onto Rt. 501 South Continue on Rt. 501 South through Conway.

About 2 miles south of Conway on your right will be Rt. 544 East. It is easy to miss, be looking for it. There is a traffic light there.

Take Rt. 544 East to Rt. 17 South (This is referred to as 17 Bypass).

Travel about 2 miles on Rt. 17 Bypass South. You will enter a almost finished construction zone. You will see an exit for Glenns Bay Rd. The first part of the video above shows your approach to Glenns Bay Rd. heading south on 17 Bypass. Take the exit and turn left at the traffic light. The second part of the video shows the approach to the Bypass from the condo on Glenns Bay Rd.

Just past the First Palmetto Bank on your right is the entrance to South Bridge. This is Southbridge drive.

Turn Right into Southbridge Drive which will intersect with Andover Drive.

Look to your right you will see the pool.

Look to your left, that building is 2270 where the condo is.

Park anywhere around the building.

Unit D is on the ground level facing the pond you passed coming in.

Travelling to the Beach?
Keep these safety tips in mind

The South Carolina Highway Patrol wants to ensure that you and your family have a safe trip as you enjoy your vacation on the Grand Strand this summer. We want to give you the most up-to-date traffic information and tips to help you get there and back safely.

Planning Your Trip  :
Grand Strand:

Expect the heaviest traffic congestion to be on Highway 501 between Conway and Myrtle Beach in Horry County. Saturday is typically the busiest day of the week; SCHP starts seeing an increase in traffic in March and it will remain congested through Labor Day.

How to Get Traffic Information  :
Consult SCHP Real Time Traffic to find out about active collisions in the area you're travelling:   . Real Time Traffic Map;
Check SCDOT's 511 to get roadway information:

Consider An Alternative Route  :
If you are traveling from Southern End of the Grand Strand (SC 544 at Surfside Beach), take SC Highway 544 just outside of Conway. It can be easy to miss, so stay in the right lane after you get through Conway. It is about 2 miles after the city. Follow 544 to 17 Bypass South, then make a left at the third traffic light followed by a right about 300 feet into the Condo development

General Safety Tips for Navigating Beach Traffic:
Motorists are often in a hurry to get into or leave from vacation destinations, leading to collisions and traffic tie-ups. The Highway Patrol offers these tips to help you move through traffic safely. Be aware that traffic will become congested especially around hotel check-in and check-out times. You can expect heavy, often bumper-to-bumper traffic on U.S. 501 and other arteries leading into the beach areas; patience is key.

The Highway Patrol sees many minor traffic collisions, aggravating these already heavily travelled arteries: common reasons are:
  o   Motorists unfamiliar with their routes; plan your route before and don't depend on GPS devices exclusively;
  o   Don't tailgate;
  o   Hang up and drive! Refrain from texting and driving;
  o   Watch your speed;
  o   Be aware of motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians in this area;
  o   Always wear your safety belt and ensure all passengers are buckled up;
  o   Impaired driving: Don't drink and drive and report suspected impaired drivers or those driving in reckless manner by calling *HP.

Remember, South Carolina law says you can move your vehicle out of traffic if you have a crash with no injuries until an officer can arrive at the scene; this facilitates the flow of traffic;
Plan to see more law enforcement in and around beach areas. Our presence is to ensure your safety.